Distance Learning Devices & Packs Ready for Distribution!!

From tomorrow parents/caregivers will be able to ‘pick up’ devices and learning packs from school at the following times: When: Pick-Ups will be Monday 23/8 & Tuesday 24/8 Times: Due to Covid safety rules, times will vary (please see below) NOTE: We will be rolling out devices for our Year

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Home Learning

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Board Members and Responsibilities 

The Board of Trustees are elected from within the school’s community, both parents and caregivers, and the school staff. The principal is always a member of the Board and is the Board’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Board has the responsibility of setting the school’s direction and goals for educational outcomes and other areas . It does this through developing a Charter and Strategic Plans in conjunction with the principal and staff. Once the Board has developed a draft form it consults with, and seeks feedback from, the school community.
In developing the Charter and Strategic Plans the Board takes into account:

important local educational needs directions it wants the school to take the National Educational Goals (NEGs) that have been set down by government the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) that have been set down by government

Board meetings
The Board meets during the year to conduct its business. These meetings are open to all members of the school community.  Should the Board need to change any meeting dates the school community will be notified through the school newsletter.

Manurewa South School Board of Trustees 2020

Kevin Gallagher (Chairperson)

Terri Martin

Alisher Heather-Kaumavae

Tina Thompson

Percilla Hetaraka (Staff Representative)

Tone Kolose (Principal)  

Annual Report 2020.pdf

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2019

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